We are so excited to have launched our new website. We launched in February 2016 and have been evolving ever since.

We are rapidly building our keynote speaker list in many areas but technology is a very popular one for us. Clients are increasingly asking us about experts in the area of Disruptive Technology, Alternate Reality (IT), Crypto currencies and Robotics.

However, with this ever-changing climate, the topics are constantly are evolving, as are we and we are always on the lookout for new Expert Speakers.

Since we launched, we have been delighted to book speaking engagements for Mr Larry Brilliant, Author of Sometimes Brilliant: The Impossible Adventures of a Spiritual Seeker and Visionary Physician Who Helped Conquer the Worst Disease in History, Mr Ricardo Semler, CEO and majority owner of Semco Partners, a Brazilian company best known for its radical form of industrial democracy and corporate re-engineering, We sent a number of Speakers to the Future Energy in Kazakhstan Forum to help people understand the damage we are doing to our planet and to talk about sustainability. We have also booked engagements for Moderators, Comedians, Best-selling authors and Economists as well as leading Technologists.

We really like to work with people who are genuinely making a difference

So, we work with hundreds of Speakers, so you will not see everyone we work with on our website, it is a work of progress. So, if there is a topic area you want to expose your audience to, do let us know.

We are based in Ireland but work internationally, and we have experience of dealing with fortune 500 companies across the globe.

We are looking forward to working with you and the many change-makers across the globe.

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