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Patrick’s keynote speaking topics include:
1. Technology Trends
2. Disruptive Innovation
3. Blockchain & Fintech
4. Social Media Marketing
5. Thinking Bigger! (leadership)


Learned Intuition: Patrick Schwerdtfeger at TEDxSacramentoSalon

Learned Intuition: Patrick Schwerdtfeger at TEDxSacramentoSalon


Patrick Schwerdtfeger is a keynote speaker and business futurist specialising in technology trends including artificial intelligence, Fintech, blockchain, and Disruptive Innovation. He is the author of  “Pandemic, Inc.: 8 Forces Driving Business Failure or Fortune in the Post-COVID-19 Economy” (2020, Authority Publishing) as well as  Anarchy, Inc.: Profiting in a Decentralized World with Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain as well as four other books.  Three of his books have won awards in their respective categories. He’s been featured by the New York TimesLA TimesSan Francisco ChronicleReader’s Digest, CNN Money, NPR, Fortune, Bloomberg Businessweek, the Associated Press, MONEY Magazine, and Forbes, among many others.

He is also a regular speaker for Bloomberg TV, founder of Trend Mastery Inc., and host of the Strategic Business Insights video blog (with over 28,000 subscribers and six million views on YouTube). Patrick has spoken about business trends, technology and digital marketing at hundreds of conferences all around the world. He has lectured at numerous academic institutions including Purdue and Stanford Universities.

He has lectured at numerous academic institutions including Purdue and Stanford Universities, and is a regular speaker for Bloomberg TV. Patrick is the founder of Trend Mastery Inc. and host of the Strategic Business Insights video blog (with over 28,000 subscribers and six million views on YouTube). He has spoken about leadership, business trends, technology, and innovation at hundreds of conferences (about 85% corporate, 15% government) all around the world.

Patrick has spoken about business trends, technology and digital marketing at hundreds of conferences all around the world.

Patrick’s past clients include Oracle, EPICOR, Schneider Electric, CommScope, Accenture, CapGemini, Protiviti, Bank of America, United Health Group, Globecomm, Marriott, Jackson National, Bloomberg TV, Comcast, AOL / Time Warner, Century 21, RE/MAX, Realty World and Keller Williams among many others.

He has been featured by the New York Times, LA Times, San Francisco Chronicle, CNN Money, Fortune, Bloomberg Businessweek, the Associated Press, MONEY Magazine and Forbes, among others.

In the media:

How the Pandemic Has Changed the Way We Do Business – Patrick Schwerdtfeger, Business Futurist

Forbes  – Will Chatbots, Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Take The Work Out Of Work?

Patrick Schwerdtfeger has an uncanny ability to consistently see ahead of the curve and does so once again in his newest book, “Pandemic Inc.” Similar to his book “Anarchy, Inc.,” he takes the current state of affairs and looks beyond them into the future. While not necessarily creating a defined roadmap for any one industry, he outlines a framework to ask the right questions, identify opportunities, and plan ahead. I would highly recommend it to owners and managers of businesses large and small.

Mackenzie SingletonFounder, Barton Branding

“Pandemic Inc.” took me on a journey into a possible future based on eight accelerating trends of COVID-19. Schwerdtfeger lays out how these eight trends could impact businesses and societies around the globe. His SALVAGED acronym makes it easy to understand each trend individually as well as collectively. I thoroughly enjoyed reading “Pandemic Inc.” and now feel better prepared to capitalize on many of these trends in my own business.

Richard FranziRenaissance Executive Forums, Orange County

Patrick Schwerdtfeger has written an insightful analysis of the current coronavirus pandemic and its possible outcomes. “Pandemic, Inc.” is essentially a message of hope. Patrick writes, “If you can look beyond the hardship and struggle, this is a very exciting time! Opportunities are around every corner, and people are desperate for solutions. You will only benefit from this situation if you see it as an opportunity.” The world is entering a period of historic disruptive change, but from chaos will come great growth.

Eric WentworthAuthor of “A Plan for Life” (2014, Charles Stephen Publishing)

In “Pandemic, Inc.,” Patrick Schwerdtfeger shares insights into several business trends that are accelerating as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. He synthesizes the complexities of disruptive innovation into easy-to-consume, actionable ideas that add immediate value in thinking, planning, and acting strategically. Schwerdtfeger’s Strategic Questions section at the end of each chapter will inspire organisations of all sizes and types to come up with ways to turn today’s change into tomorrow’s growth opportunities. Leaders committed to their own development as well as the success of their organizations ‘can’t not’ read this important book.

Cathleen HoffmanMBA, SHRM-SCP, SPHR, Arkansas Human Resource Professional

YOU NEED THIS BOOK! There are many authors who identify problems, but “Pandemic, Inc.” offers tactical guidance to profit from them. Schwerdtfeger has a unique way of taking complex financial and technological issues and making them clear and understandable. In this book, he provides the reader with a clear guide to the new world that we are rapidly entering. You'll be blown-away by the implications and certainly better prepared by reading “Pandemic, Inc.”

Louie B. FreeBrainFood from the Heartland, The Louie B. Free Radio Show



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