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Have you ever wondered WHAT to look out for in a Keynote Speaker? Have you ever questioned how HOW MUCH does it cost to hire a Keynote Speaker? And have you ever pondered, really, WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF BOOKING A KEYNOTE SPEAKER through a Speaker Bureau? If you are looking for answers to any of those questions have a read below.

Marc Randolph


We can usually tell you quite quickly who is a great Keynote Speaker, what kind of style they deliver their talk in and if they will suit your event.

We can also tell you if they will NOT suit your event, as sometimes it takes someone from the outside to give a neutral point of view.

As Speaker Agents we have worked with the same Speakers many times so we know what works for them and what doesn’t! That, you can’t do on your own!

We can also tell you if they are the best possible fit for your event per YOUR REQUIREMENTS
because we believe each and every event should be bespoke and should match YOUR unique needs.

We can tell you if that particular Speaker will suit your audience and whether they will over-deliver or meet your expectations.


The cost of a Keynote Speaker varies and it depends on some and not all of the following factors.

– Their speaking experience and how long they have been on the speaking circuit. If they have been touring or speaking for a long time and they have a lot of experience their fee is usually higher because they are more experienced and experts at their craft.

– Speakers who have written a book usually command a higher fee. In addition  the success of their book will also have a huge impact on their fee. Have a look at the Best Seller List to give you an idea.

– Speakers who are Thought Leaders in ONE particular area and who are usually the Go-To Speaker on their particular topic usually command higher fees.



Oration Speakers has almost 16 years of experience in the Speaking Business. We know the business inside out and we know what can go wrong and how to prevent you as an Event Organiser book the wrong Speaker. A key aspect of working at Oration Speakers is the ability to say we work with a speaker who is better than other speakers and we are not afraid to state the specific reasons. We suggest Speakers that add to the conversation, have great ideas, even if these are conflicting ideas that go against the status quo. We also part of a worldwide network of Speakers Bureau, so we can always reach out to our extended network to find the Perfect Speaker for your event.


Working with a Speaker Bureau makes life easier and saves you a lot of time.

We make sure all the paperwork is handled (contractual, logistical).

Oration Speakers can also handle marketing and publicity for your event if requested.

Clear, concise agreements fully in place so there are no surprises in the end.

We handle the finance side, deposits, balances, airfare, ground transportation costs.

We handle the logistics, ground transportation and international travel plus advise on immigration and visa paperwork.

We organise and schedule prep calls on your behalf if required.

We work directly with the Speaker and in a lot of cases, shielding the Event Organiser from many emails, phone calls and unnecessary interruptions so you can go about your daily business.

If a Speaker cancels at the last minute we are your SUPPORT system and we will work with our Industry Bureau friends to help you out of an impending mess.

Oration Speakers does that and much more!

All our Keynote Speakers are available for Live in Person, Virtual and also in hologram format) across many different categories. We know how dedicated some Speakers are and how tech savvy others are.

We have helped many event organisers handle contracts, cancellations and Force Majeure clauses in the early days of the pandemic and we have helped with the return of deposits and refund. We are still working with event organisers in navigating the effects of COVID-19 on the conferences and events across the globe.

Our Keynote Speakers also offer Executive Learning, Bespoke Master Classes to address the issues that organisations are facing in this current ‘new-world’. These classes are conducted by industry-experts and designed for executives and senior management. ​

We also work closely with busy CEOS’s and event organisers and provide deep consultation and research on the most suitable Thought Leader/ Expert you need to address your current situation, saving you time and valuable resources.

Director Rachel Moran is an experienced Speaker Agent who has booked hundreds of speaking engagements for conferences, events and meetings worldwide. She has booked speaking engagements for Nobel prize winners, award winning authors, visionaries and problem solvers.

Interested in hearing more, give us a call or send an email.

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If you need help sourcing a Keynote Speaker for your event. Our team at Oration Speakers can help you. All our Speakers are available for in person video and virtual and holographic conferences