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Over the last few months we have been having a lot of conversations with customers and Keynote Speakers alike. Well, it is our job! It seems there is a recurring demand for Keynote Speakers to share their expert knowledge on the following topics.  Of course, the constant recurring topic is Technology, but in addition to that: –

Human Resources
While the HR industry has been disrupted and innovated by companies such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor and others, nothing is more important as the actual employees in any business.  Frequent topics that are requested are along the lines of: – 

  • Is technology creating or replacing new jobs?
  • What are the long term effects of millennials in the workforce? 
  • Is Generation X the real force behind changing the nature of work?
  • Women returning to work – how to encourage a more balanced work force by bringing more women back into the workforce. 

The changing workplace 
Stress is now such a huge factor for a lot of employees, from senior managers to manual workers and people are working more intensely and clocking in more hours of work than in the recent past. 

Employees want their work to be more aligned with their human values. It is no longer the case of throwing in a few bean bags, IKEA plants, free beer and ‘bean-to-cup’ coffee and painting the office in funky colours to ‘look’ like a start-up without addressing the fundamental recurring issues within the organisation.  Topics such as: –  

  • How can the leadership team motivate and inspire their employees? 
  • How can leaders adapt to this changing environment? Ricardo Semler runs some brilliant workshops exclusively to CEO’s to help combat this. 

A sustainable workplace increases employee productivity, it helps reduce work-related illnesses, injuries and accidents, however it means doing business differently throughout the company.
Topics such as: – 

  • What can actually be done to improve circular economy?
  • What is the next sustainable challenge, after plastic?
  • How to implement the Agile / Lean principles into an organisation?

Retail – Ecommerce and technology:
We have more choices to buy products than ever before. Instead of taking a trip to the shop, we can simply log on to our computers. All types of retailers must understand that consumers control the retail environment and it is imperative that their business reaches potential customers though every channel possible: – 

  • The power to improve retail business.
  • The changing world of retail.
  • How can the businesses compete with online 

Digital influencers:
According to a study done by Influencer Marketing Hub. The term “influencer marketing” increased by 325% in Google searches over 2017. Making this the fastest-growing online acquisition method of the year. So the answer to the question below, is yes: – 

  • Are they truly powerful?
  • How do we as businesses harness their potential?

Media / New Media and fake news
Media and New Media has been fundamentally changing how we interact with each other and this is only the start, for example  Google recently announced Pixel Buds, which allegedly have the ability to translate spoken language in real-time! So who knows how many more new and exciting (and yet, scary) developments we have yet to see.  topics we have noticed.

  • Can fake news and social media create/destroy/ consumption trends?
  • What can traditional media do about digital disruption?
  • Has the growth of social media permanently changed journalism?
  • Has it created a long-lasting threat to traditional players?

These are only some of the main topics we have come across, there are many more. If interested in a chat about what kind of theme / topics to have at your conference, give us a call or send us an email,  we would be delighted to have a chat with  you.