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Steve Wozniak - Oration Speakers

It is so important to Oration Speakers that the event organiser is  is happy with the outcome of the event.Part of that is to make sure that the Speaker is exactly what the organiser is looking for. Does the Speaker fulfill their needs? Will the audience have a good experience at the event and talk about the company afterwards?

Steve Wozniak (the Woz) did just that at the recent New Insights in Business & Finance event at the beautiful Tours and Taxis venue in Brussels on the 15th of May. The event was organised by Mediafin in conjunction with De Tijd and L’Echo newspapers and EY.

Woz responded to all of Mediafin’s questions with humour and honesty on many, different topics that are of concern to us today. The topic of event was ‘The future of technology….and why you should care’ and yes, the response is, we really should care!

Topics covered were ‘disruptive technologies’ ‘The next big thing’, ‘artificial intelligence’ ‘cryptocurrencies’, ‘the Apple factor’ ‘GAFA’s dominance’ and ‘How to protect our children’ and much more.

It was an inspiring, eye-opening night to hear from one of the co-founders of Apple and where he sees technology going in the future.