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Five reasons why you should book entertainment and business trailblazer (and Co-Founding Executive of Netflix), Mitch Lowe.  

Get an inside perspective on the entertainment distribution revolution from Mitch Lowe, an executive who spent time with Netflix, Redbox, and MoviePass. He has a unique understanding of how to disrupt the status quo and adapt to what the customer wants.

1 – Whether he’s speaking about the Future of Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Company culture, the $2 trillion Entertainment industry or the trillion-dollar Metaverse industry, Mitch’s high energy presentations inspire change, challenge thinking and provide actionable advice to accelerate personal and business growth.

2 – Mitch is known for working closely with event organizers to create a high energy and motivating event that reinforces brand and sponsor objectives, and delivers fresh, actionable content that informs, engages and entertains attendees. 

3 – He has worked inside the industry and he is able to share from the ground up his own personal experiences.

4 – Most importantly, His new book, Watch and Learn: How I Turned Hollywood Upside Down with Netflix, Redbox and Movie Pass­­­­­­­–Lessons in Disruption has become a must-read on the subject of innovating in the face of disruption, seeing ahead of the curve and intuiting customer needs. 

5 – Reason #5 – Customers love him as he is relatable, engaging and personable!

To book Mitch as a Speaker at your next event contact Oration Speakers