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The latest trend in the future of work for big tech companies, event organisers and conference planners is a new innovative way of Speaking, by Hologram


What is a Hologram?

If you are a Star Trek fan you probably remember the catchphrase ‘Beam me up, Scotty” that made its way into popular culture from the popular science fiction television series Star Trek (The Original Series). It comes from the command Captain Kirk used to give his chief engineer, Montgomery “Scotty” Scott, when he needed to be transported back to the Star ship Enterprise via their teleportal.

It is now possible to beam your Keynote Speaker to your conference or event through a live Holographic Telepresence system. This allows innovative conferences the ability to capture, transmit and display the most lifelike digital human holograms in a live two-way interaction!

If you book a Keynote Speaker (or your own CEO) we can help you capture, broadcast, and display them as a real-life digital human hologram.

You will have the most memorable, innovative, futuristic, state of the art event that your audience will speak about for a long time.

How does it work?

Holographic technology relies on cameras that capture the speaker from several angles to create a 3D effect, making it look like the presenter is in the room. With this hologram technology it allows presenters to “beam in” with lifelike 3D effects — in real time. Hologram or holographic presentations can give your audience a more three-dimensional impression of the speaker, as well as a full-body view.


Presenters are recorded using a proprietary Capture Studio system for both live transmission and pre-recorded holograms.


They are then transmitted over the internet in real-time through our proprietary ARHT Engine System to our patented HoloPresence™ Displays or to the Virtual Global Stage™.


Appearing live as lifelike holograms on HoloPresence™ Displays, or online to the Virtual Global Stage™ in lifesize proportions with the ability to interact in real-time.

The potential of holographic Keynote speeches is unrivalled.

You can be anywhere as a hologram and you can accomplish even more with greater impact, Lifesize, Lifelike and in Real-time. It is ideal if you want to wow your audience.

Behind the Scenes: President Zelenskyy's Holographic & AR Address to Europe's Tech Community


When planning events, you could consider holograms as part of your sustainability plans, as driving change to address environmental challenges is high on everyone’s agenda and having a hologram speaker can help you with your sustainability goals.

Sustainability is one of the latest trends in the meeting industry and at the forefront of most forward-thinking companies and Strategy statements, mission and goals.

With carbon emissions one of the main causes of the expanding climate crisis, even one hologram Speaker could save the cost of a business class or first-class airfare ticket. Your speaker could be there at your event, without having to board a plane, making your event incredibly memorable and impactful because your Star Speaker will be there, live, lifelike, and speaking in real-time as if you were there in person. Then of course, there is no jet lag or unnecessary time away from family and friends and less untold unproductive hours.

It then opens possibilities for your events to secure BIG-name speakers reluctant to travel or without the sufficient time or need for them to do so.

Bang for your buck, The Speaker can also appear remotely in one location or many locations simultaneously, to both in-person and remote audiences. With our expanding network and at weWork locations, presenting to people across the globe has never been easier.

It can provide significant return on the initial investment in the long run.

We realise that the main barrier to remote working is the need for social interaction, especially with the time spent working outside the office expected to increase in the coming decade, many office workers will require more immersive forms of digital interaction and that is where holograms come in. At least its more memorable then zoom.

There are so many advantages to this technology but mainly for environmental and sustainability reasons! If you are an organisation and you cannot get that ‘Star’ Speaker, or you are a CEO and you want to speak to your whole team across the globe and you cannot travel, this is the solution.

It ensures that events can continue even if external events stop them i.e. pandemics, energy shortages, strikes etc and speakers are presented in a much more engaging way than say in a simple Zoom call.

The Covid-19 pandemic provided many obstacles to business conferences and events, but it has consequently opened our eyes and the meeting industry has to change. With speakers travelling from all over the globe, hologram technology cuts out the challenge of unavailability or travel, allowing speakers to attend events from the comfort of their homes in hologram form.

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