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Everyone’s Super Power –
How to save your company’s culture and lives. Yes, really.
Company culture isn’t created with ping-pong tables, free lunch, or bean bag chairs. Company culture is created when you evangelize how you want your people to treat each other. Your people make up the culture. In order to have a healthy company culture, your people need to be heard, and be given the ability to contribute to the solutions of the problems they are facing. Standing on the side of people, not things, unlocks the super power we all have within us, kindness.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit –
The Five People You Need On Your Team Right Now To Convert Ideas Into Reality.
Industries change, the market changes, the audience changes. Only organizations who can recognize these five people and put them to work will have a fighting chance to adapt to the change and solve for the problems they are facing.

Geeks Rule The World –
How should the new alpha use their power?
Geeks used to be a negative term, it was used to ostracize, put-down, mark people as inferior. There’s now been a shift.
Geeks went from reading comic books in secret to seeing their beloved characters generate billions of dollars with each major theatrical release.
The technologists, scholars, and nice-people have come to the forefront and are the ones who are called upon to solve for the problems of the world.
With a nod to superheroes, explore your calling and make sure you are using your new-found power for good.

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Nathan began his professional career as an educator and theater director where he built a theater program from scratch for a performing arts magnet school in Tampa, Florida. It was during this time that Nathan also built up his experience in front of and behind the camera as he performed in television commercials, corporate videos, and taught acting classes with the Patel Conservatory.

He then transitioned into the business world, working for a hyper-growth software company as the leader of the video marketing team, as well as director and coach for all executive keynote performances for audiences of over 8,000.

With Nathan’s experience in creating thought leadership content and having a heart for people, he was hand-picked by the CEO to head up a company culture committee. Nathan’s leadership was essential in building a cohesive company culture amid multiple acquisitions until the company was sold for $1.2billion.

Nathan earned the nickname ‘Culture Evangelist’ due to his creation of an internal culture training program, speaking for all new hires and acquisitions.

After years of coaching leaders on their mainstage keynote messages and speaking internally about company culture and leadership, Nathan is now bringing his message to your audience.

Nathan has combined years of expertise of side by side work with executives as well as research in behavioral and scientific studies to reveal the greatest asset a leader can have is a character of kindness.

Nathan has written the #1 bestselling book, Empowering Kindness, where he challenges leaders to redefine success by how they help others rather than how they help themselves.

It is when leaders give their people the authority, autonomy, and ability to be kind that their people can perform at their optimal level and generate explosive growth as a team.

He oozes the right kind of culture and is able to bring others along with him on that journey.

Arlin SorensenVP Ecosystem Evangelism, ConnectWise

Nathan brings enthusiasm and high energy to everything he does. He is a creative dynamo.

Ted HulsyCEO, Ironpath

I can honestly say he is one of the most creative people I know and brings his uplifting energy to every project he produces.

Mike PearceCreative Production Manager, Skymill

Nathan is one of the most talented people I have ever worked with.

Adam SlutskinCRO, Liongard


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