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When organizing a conference or event in the fast-paced world of technology, featuring a speaker who epitomizes innovation and forward-thinking is crucial. Ayesha Khanna, a renowned entrepreneur and artificial intelligence (AI) thought leader, perfectly fits this role. Below are five compelling reasons why Ayesha Khanna is the ideal choice for your next speaking engagement.

  1. Expertise in Artificial Intelligence: As the Co-Founder and CEO of ADDO AI, Ayesha Khanna has established herself as a formidable figure in AI innovation. Her leadership has catapulted ADDO AI into the spotlight, earning recognition from Forbes as one of Asia’s top AI companies. This highlights her deep knowledge and cutting-edge insights into AI, making her a sought-after speaker for events focusing on technology and innovation.
  2. Global Tech Influence: Ayesha’s advisory roles have had a global reach, influencing major corporations and urban initiatives like Yes Bank, SMRT in Singapore, and Dubai’s Smart City project. Her ability to drive technological advancements on a worldwide scale underscores her value as a speaker who can provide actionable insights into the global impact of AI.
  3. Acclaimed Author and Thought Leader: With best-selling titles such as ‘Hybrid Reality’, Ayesha has a proven ability to demystify complex tech trends for a broad audience. Her speaking engagements offer enlightening perspectives on AI’s role in shaping the future of human-technology interactions, positioning her as a leading voice in the conversation about the ethical and societal implications of AI.
  4. Advocacy for Education and Social Good: Through her charity, 21C GIRLS, Ayesha offers free AI training to underprivileged girls in Singapore, showcasing her commitment to leveraging technology for social empowerment and inclusivity. This aspect of her work adds a layer of social responsibility to her speaking engagements, making them not only informative but also inspirational.
  5. Dynamic and Inspiring Speaker: Ayesha Khanna’s presentations are known for their ability to engage and inspire audiences, combining her extensive knowledge of AI with a passionate vision for the future. Her speaking style makes complex subjects accessible and engaging, ensuring that attendees leave with a deeper understanding of AI’s potential to transform industries and society.

By featuring Ayesha Khanna at your event, you’re not just getting an expert in artificial intelligence; you’re engaging a visionary who embodies the intersection of technology, education, and social change. Her insights are invaluable for anyone seeking to explore the possibilities of AI and its impact on our world.


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