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Nina Schick is known for her expertise in generative AI and cybersecurity. Nina Schick is a sought-after Speaker who has delivered influential talks like TED ‘Deepflakes and The Age of Synthetic Media’

Key Achievements:

  • Nina is one of the top 20 speakers globally on artificial intelligence, alongside luminaries like Sam Altman, Demis Hassabis, and Geoffrey Hinton.
  • LinkedIn ‘Top Voice’ in AI, affirming her influence and thought leadership in the field.
  • Pioneered the narrative of AI as a pivotal tipping point for humanity, articulating its transformative potential years before its widespread recognition.
  • Founder of Tamang Ventures, dedicated to fostering responsible AI development and collaborating with frontier AI companies.
  • Advises leading AI enterprises, including Synthesia and Truepic, shaping the trajectory of cutting-edge technologies in video generation and authentication.
  • Engages in strategic partnerships with industry giants like Microsoft, Adobe, DARPA, and the UN, contributing to the advancement of AI ethics and governance.
  • Sought-after speaker at prestigious events including CES, TEDx, CogX, and WebSummit, sharing insights on AI’s implications for business, geopolitics, and humanity.
  • Engages in dialogues with global thought leaders like Sam Harris, Christiane Amanpour, and Andrew Yang, enriching the discourse on AI and its broader implications.
  • Cultivates a vibrant AI community with over 100k members through her content channels, fostering dialogue and knowledge exchange.
  • Provides strategic counsel to world leaders including President Joe Biden and former NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, leveraging over two decades of geopolitical expertise.
  • Fluent in seven languages, reflecting her cosmopolitan outlook and facilitating cross-cultural engagement and understanding.

Philosophy and Impact:

Nina Schick’s philosophy and impact revolve around advocating for responsible AI development, fostering innovation, and shaping global discourse to ensure that AI technologies serve the collective well-being of humanity..

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  • How artificial intelligence and technology reshape global geopolitics, democracy, and the human impact of AI.
  • The intersection of AI and geopolitics, including the challenges and opportunities presented by AI in national security and the future of work.

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Author of ‘Deepfakes’ (2020), the first comprehensive exploration of Generative AI’s societal impact, establishing herself as a thought leader in the field.


Beyond deep fakes: Debunking the myths of AI and showing its positive impact on marketing

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Nina Schick stands as a preeminent figure in the realm of artificial intelligence, renowned globally for her profound insights and expertise. Acknowledged as one of the foremost voices shaping the discourse on AI, she holds a prestigious position among the world’s top 20 speakers on the subject, alongside luminaries such as Sam Altman of Open AI, Demis Hassabis of Google DeepMind, and Geoffrey Hinton, widely hailed as the ‘Godfather of AI’. Her distinguished status is further underscored by her recognition as a LinkedIn ‘Top Voice’ in AI.

At the core of Nina’s philosophy lies the conviction that AI is not merely a technological advancement but a dynamic force reshaping power dynamics and human interaction. Through her incisive analysis, she illuminates the profound implications of AI across domains, from its transformative potential in business to its far-reaching impact on geopolitics and the fabric of humanity itself.

Pioneering the narrative of AI as a pivotal juncture for humanity, Nina’s visionary perspective predates the widespread acknowledgment of AI’s significance, laying the groundwork for the global discourse that ensued. Her foresight into the societal implications of AI predates the era when ChatGPT catapulted AI into the global spotlight.

As an ardent advocate for ethical AI development, Nina serves as the Founder of Tamang Ventures, dedicated to collaborating with cutting-edge AI enterprises. Noteworthy among her affiliations are Synthesia, the trailblazing video-generation platform, and Truepic, a pioneering authority in authentication technologies.

Her impact extends beyond consultancy, having forged partnerships with industry titans such as Microsoft, Adobe, DARPA, and the UN. In her seminal work, ‘DEEPFAKES’ (2020), Nina delves into the profound societal ramifications of Generative AI, establishing herself as a trailblazer in the field.

A sought-after speaker on prestigious platforms including CES, TEDx, CogX, and WebSummit, Nina’s influence transcends borders. Her insights have graced the pages of esteemed publications such as MIT Tech Review, WIRED, and Time, while her engagements with luminaries like Sam Harris, Christiane Amanpour, and Andrew Yang attest to her standing as a thought leader on the global stage.

In tandem with her advisory roles, Nina has cultivated a thriving AI community, engaging over 100k enthusiasts through her content channels. Drawing upon over two decades of geopolitical acumen, she offers strategic counsel to world leaders, counting President Joe Biden and former NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen among her esteemed clientele.

Multilingual and cosmopolitan, Nina fluently speaks seven languages and finds inspiration in the cultural tapestry of her homes in London, Berlin, and Kathmandu.



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