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Rana el Kaliouby is an Egyptian-American computer scientist, entrepreneur, and author. She is a Pioneer of affective computing and emotion recognition technology. Co-founder of Affectiva, a company that specialises in emotion AI and facial expression analysis. Her research enables machines to understand and respond to human emotions, fostering empathetic interactions. Rana is the author of “Girl Decoded,” exploring emotional intelligence in the digital age. She is recognised globally, for her expert keynote speeches on ethical AI development. Her work has been featured in Forbes and MIT Technology Review.

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From Cairo to Cambridge: One scientist’s quest to humanise AI

What are the key considerations for ethical automotive AI


  1. The transformative power of emotion AI: Exploring real-world applications and case studies that demonstrate how emotion AI can revolutionize industries such as healthcare, customer service, marketing, and education.
  2. Ethical considerations in AI development: Delving into the ethical challenges and responsibilities associated with designing and deploying AI systems, including privacy concerns, bias mitigation, and ensuring transparency and accountability.
  3. Building emotionally intelligent technology: Sharing insights on developing algorithms and systems that enable machines to recognize and interpret human emotions accurately, fostering more empathetic and meaningful interactions with users.
  4. The future of human-machine relationships: Discussing the evolving dynamics between humans and machines, envisioning a future where AI systems seamlessly integrate emotional intelligence, adapt to individual needs, and enhance our overall well-being.
  5. Entrepreneurship and innovation in the AI industry: Drawing from her own entrepreneurial journey, Rana may provide valuable lessons and strategies for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to navigate the AI landscape, secure funding, and bring their ideas to market successfully.

These topics merely scratch the surface of  Rana’s expertise and range as a speaker. She brings a unique blend of technological insight, cultural analysis, and forward-thinking perspectives that engage and inspire audiences across various industries, and she is always open to new topics which focus on your industry.



Rana El Kaliouby is a pioneering AI scientist renowned for her groundbreaking work in developing Emotion and Human Perception AI. As an inventor in this field, she has revolutionised the way machines understand and interact with humans.

In addition to her scientific achievements, Rana is a visionary entrepreneur and investor who understands the power of AI in gaining a competitive edge. She is an authority on cultivating an AI mindset for organisations to thrive in today’s rapidly evolving landscape. Rana’s insights into designing and implementing ethical business strategies are invaluable in navigating the complex ethical considerations associated with AI implementation.

Currently serving as Deputy CEO of Smart Eye, Rana continues to make significant contributions to the field. As the co-founder and former CEO of Affectiva, she played a pivotal role in establishing the company as a leader in emotion AI. Rana’s accomplishments have earned her recognition and respect, as showcased by her bestselling book “Girl Decoded” (2020), where she shares her personal and professional journey.

Rana’s expertise extends beyond academia and industry; she is an Executive Fellow at Harvard Business School, further solidifying her position as a thought leader in AI and business. Her ability to blend scientific knowledge with practical insights makes her an exceptional speaker who can captivate and inspire your audience.

By inviting Rana El Kalouby to speak at your event, you ensure that attendees gain access to a remarkable individual who possesses a unique combination of scientific prowess, entrepreneurial acumen, and ethical expertise. Her presence will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on your audience, equipping them with the tools and insights necessary to navigate the AI-driven future successfully.



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