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Dr. Sanjay Gupta is an Associate Professor of Neurosurgery at Emory University Hospital in the US and CNN Chief Medical Correspondent. He is also an award winning journalist and author. He is a known for his expertise on the future of AI/tech in medicine and futuristic healthcare. With his captivating insights and visionary perspective, Dr. Gupta inspires and educates audiences worldwide.

Dr. Gupta’s unique ability to simplify complex medical concepts makes him a sought-after expert. His engaging stage presence and compelling storytelling captivate audiences, ensuring an unforgettable experience at your pharmaceutical event.

Most importantly, his visionary insights on the influence of AI/tech in medicine offer valuable guidance to the pharmaceutical industry. With a focus on diagnostics, precision medicine, and drug discovery, his presentations shed light on how AI can enhance diagnostic accuracy and enable personalised treatments, driving better patient outcomes.

When it comes to the future of medicine, Dr. Gupta’s forward-thinking perspective is truly enlightening. With discussions on personalised medicine, regenerative techniques, genomics, and digital health integration, he outlines a roadmap for the next 100 years of healthcare. His emphasis on preventive medicine and lifestyle factors resonates with professionals in the pharmaceutical field, inspiring them to embrace innovation.

His profound understanding of medicine, combined with his visionary perspective on AI/tech, will provide your audience with invaluable insights. Book Dr. Gupta now and empower your attendees to shape the future of healthcare.

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  • Healthcare Innovation: Dr. Gupta can provide insights into the latest advancements and innovations in healthcare, including the impact of technology, AI, and digital health solutions on patient care and outcomes.
  • Public Health and Pandemics: With his extensive experience in medical reporting, Dr. Gupta can speak on public health issues, including pandemic preparedness, disease outbreaks, vaccine development, and strategies for global health security.
  • Mental Health and Well-being: Dr. Gupta can shed light on the importance of mental health, stress management, and strategies for maintaining well-being. He can discuss the stigma associated with mental health and offer practical tips for achieving a balanced and healthy lifestyle.
  • Personalised Medicine: As a practicing neurosurgeon, Dr. Gupta can provide insights into the growing field of personalised medicine, including genomics, precision diagnostics, targeted therapies, and their potential to revolutionize patient care.
  • Healthcare Communication: Dr. Gupta’s expertise as a medical correspondent makes him an ideal speaker to discuss effective healthcare communication strategies. He can address the importance of clear and accurate health information dissemination and the role of media in shaping public perception.
  • Health Equity and Social Determinants of Health: Dr. Gupta can discuss the impact of social determinants of health, such as income inequality, access to healthcare, and racial disparities, and offer strategies for promoting health equity and improving health outcomes for marginalized populations.
  • Leadership and Decision-making in Healthcare: Drawing from his experiences as a neurosurgeon and journalist, Dr. Gupta can share insights on leadership, decision-making, and crisis management in the healthcare industry, highlighting the importance of collaboration and effective communication.
  • Medical Ethics and Patient Advocacy: Dr. Gupta can explore ethical dilemmas in healthcare, including issues surrounding patient autonomy, end-of-life care, and the responsibilities of healthcare professionals. He can also discuss the importance of patient advocacy and empowering individuals to be active participants in their healthcare journey.

These topics showcase the breadth of Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s expertise and the valuable insights he can bring to conferences and events in the healthcare and medical fields. These topics have proven valuable to customers in the past and are meant only to suggest Sanjay’s range and interests. Sanjay diligently conducts thorough research on every company he speaks for, ensuring that the final topic is meticulously tailored to best meet the unique needs and interests of the audience.


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Dr. Sanjay Gupta is a highly acclaimed speaker and Emmy®-award winning chief medical correspondent for CNN, recognized for his outstanding contributions to the field of medicine. With a diverse background as a practicing neurosurgeon, renowned journalist, and podcast host, Dr. Gupta brings a wealth of expertise to his speaking engagements.
As a trusted guide in health and medical news, Dr. Gupta plays a pivotal role in CNN’s coverage of significant health stories worldwide. From his early recognition of the COVID-19 pandemic to his dedicated reporting on navigating the challenges and dispelling misinformation surrounding the virus, Dr. Gupta has proven himself as a reliable source of information for millions of viewers.
Throughout his career, Dr. Gupta has covered various critical events, including the aftermath of 9/11, the anthrax attacks, and the devastating tsunami in Southeast Asia. His groundbreaking reporting on Hurricane Katrina exposed inaccuracies in official reports, and his coverage of the Haiti earthquake earned him two Emmy® awards. Dr. Gupta’s extensive reporting has also shed light on the opioid crisis, the Flint water crisis, and the medical infrastructure breakdown in Puerto Rico post-Hurricane Maria.
Beyond his work at CNN, Dr. Gupta is an associate professor of neurosurgery at Emory University Hospital and associate chief of neurosurgery at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta. He is a respected diplomate of the American Board of Neurosurgery and a member of the National Academy of Medicine.
Dr. Gupta’s impact extends beyond traditional media. He has authored several New York Times best-selling books and co-founded the LIFE ITSELF conference, which brings together remarkable minds from the health and medicine sectors to explore groundbreaking ideas.
With his remarkable achievements and extensive knowledge, Dr. Sanjay Gupta is a sought-after speaker for conferences, events, and educational institutions. His ability to bridge the gap between medical expertise and public understanding makes him an invaluable asset in delivering engaging and informative presentations.
From his expertise in neurosurgery to his unparalleled reporting on medical breakthroughs, Dr. Sanjay Gupta offers unparalleled insights that resonate with audiences worldwide. Invite Dr. Gupta to speak at your event and provide your audience with an enlightening and transformative experience.



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