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A company that decides to hire a Keynote Speaker as a hologram is at the forefront of the speaking industry.

The talk will be the most memorable at the event due to the fact that the technology is so new and a lot of Keynote Speakers or event organisers have not embraced it yet. However organisations that have decided to be ahead of the curve and try the technology have already made a lasting impact with their audience. The Speaker appears live, lifelike, and can speak in real-time as if they were there in person, except, they are not.

With around 2.4% of global CO2 emissions coming from aviation, it seems like the perfect time to start focusing on this technology instead of flying. In the BBC article below, they point out that “at first glance, that might not seem like very big contribution, except, only a very small percentage of the world flies frequently. Even in richer countries like the UK and the US, around half of people fly in any given year, and just 12-15% are frequent fliers”. That article was written in 2020, and even though there was no flying during COVID, air travel has since picked up again and is almost back to normal.

A lot of Professional Keynote Speakers are frequent fliers and organisations are still willing to pay large travel expenses for a Speakers (usually business or first class) to get to destination in person but is it really worth it considering the impact it is currently having? Event organisers are choosing to have their Speakers there in person and I wouldn’t really blame them, who wants to have another meeting by Zoom or Microsoft Teams?

Maybe there needs to be a compromise? Maybe it is time to start allocating some of that airfare travel allowance towards having at least one Speaker there by hologram at every one or two events, should the budget allow. If the budget is available for business class and/or first class airfare the budget is there for a hologram.

But it is time for a compromise and at least a think about how frequent fliers are impacting the environment. Ultimately a Keynote Speaker can accomplish just as much, that is getting their knowledge across and that can be done with greater impact, life-size, lifelike and in real-time, and of course from near your own home, with no jet lag and less unsocial hours away from family and friends.

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