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Female Keynote Speakers

Today is Nollaig na mBan in Ireland, Christmas of women, or more commonly known as Little Christmas, when men are usually supposed to take over household duties so that the women can get a rest.

It might seem a little outdated, right? but as Orla O’Connor pointed out in today’s Irish Times, women’s equality has witnessed some monumental changes in recent years, yet the pace of change as well as the results have been way too slow.

As a result of of living in Covid-19 there is a greater spotlight on inequality for women. According to the World Economic Forum, Mothers are more likely than fathers to scale back or consider leaving their job during the pandemic. They found that 17% of mothers reported a reduction in their work hours, compared with just 9% of fathers who reported the same. Also women in senior-level positions report higher levels of exhaustion and burnout than men, with 54% vs. 41% citing exhaustion and 39% vs. 29% citing burnout according to the World Economic Forum. This is likely due to a greater stress at both ends of the work-life balance as a consequence of the pandemic. Those household duties take up time.

Again and again during this Covid pandemic, Orla points out, we are shown meetings of men – politicians and public health experts – making crucial decisions that affect all of our lives, without a woman in the room. We need more women in decision-making spaces, so we get better decisions for all, but especially for women.

The same applies to the speaking industry, there are simply too little women speaking at events, no matter what the format.

Last year, Oration Speakers booked some amazing female Keynote Speakers for events in the last year including, Amy Webb, Futurist, author and founder and CEO of the Future Today Institute. Mariana Mazzucato, Economist, Professor at University College London in Economics of Innovation and Public Value and Payal Arora, Anthropologist, full Professor and Chair in Technology at Erasmus University Rotterdam, to name but a few. We are continuing to work with new upcoming and coming Keynote Female Speakers who are making a difference, however we need more EXPERT Female Speakers and we need more events booking them!

When you are considering your next event, (live or in person), please feel free to contact Oration Speakers. We would be happy to have a conversation with you about your next event and the topic and we would be happy to suggest the best Keynote Speakers. We will however provide you with a varied and balanced proposal of both female and male Keynote Speakers.

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