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Oration Speakers recently booked Mr Steve Wozniak (Co-founder of Apple) at the Mediafin ‘New Insights Live’ event in the beautiful Tours and Taxis venue in Brussels. The theme for the night was ‘the future of technology’.Below are a few takeaways from the event.

  • Every company needs a Chief Disruptive officer that reports to the board and not the CEO.
  • Blockchain will eventually succeed as a  business but the only use he sees for it today is as bitcoin
  • On AI –  I believe in the ‘A’, but not in the I, Artificial intelligence is not intelligent like the human brain. AI will never be conscious,  or have an understanding of human life.
  • Response to how did Apple become such a loved brand? ‘ Our secret was putting the human before the technology, Steve was a people person, I was a technologist. We even changed our name from Apple computers to just Apple’.
  • Schools are underfunded, that’s because youngsters don’t get to vote
  • If he was 18 again he would study Robotics ‘because it would impress my friends!’
  • What I hate is target advertising, I’m almost off all of Google
  • Products should be designed for consumers and those consumers should run the show.
  • He is a huge electric car (and iwatch) fan
  • Facebook – ‘When you have 5000 facebook friends and you don’t know anyone….’ ‘I cut the wire, it’s given me extra time’.
  • Allow children to be creative. ‘I want all children to love what they are interested in’.

‘Simple solutions to give me everything in life to make me happy’.
‘Life has to have its fun elements too!’