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When we first launched Oration Speakers we were lucky enough to book Mr Larry Brilliant as our very first Speaker, needless to say we were beyond thrilled. The feedback was terrific.

‘Larry Brilliant moved the audience with some of his personal accounts of smallpox in Hindustan from 1973 to 1976 on a WHO mission. He underlined his militancy for public health as one of the consequences of his militancy for civil rights in America of the 60’s and of the values that his generation took over, and that was mainly the empowerment of people’. 
#BeWellConference, Portugal, Oct 24, 2016 

If you are not aware of him, Larry is most famous for his TED talkMy wish: Help me stop pandemics’. His wish then, is the same as his wish now. He is one of the world’s leading experts on COVID-19.

​Please check out his recent article from the Economist on COVID-19, How society can overcome covid-19.