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So St Patrick’s day has rolled around again. Another quiet year in Ireland. Little did we think a year later our famous watering holes would still be languishing and empty due to the absence of customers. For now, these pubs where our notorious authors and poets, the likes of Brendan Behan, Sean O Casey and Patrick Kavanagh would have congregated in the past, arguing, lamenting and criticising the state of the Irish nation are still and quiet and most likely, gathering dust from the lack of human interaction over the last year.

So many things have changed since March 2020, yet not all negative, thankfully. Certainly, new healthy habits have been developed. In the face of COVID-19, many people have made healthier choices and adopted new habits as a result of lockdown, but how long will this last? Will the hospitality and the events industry be the same when things go back to ‘normal’ pre-pandemic? Or maybe, the opposite will happen and the ‘roaring twenties comeback’ will mean that the industry will come back in full force. We hope so.

In the past year there has been so many changes in the world of conferences and events. So much innovation and it is indeed amazing how well companies, events and conference organisers have adapted so quickly. There is also optimism, some event organisers are booking Speakers for their live events for the later part of 2021!

On the note, the Keynote Speakers we work with continue to be experts in their areas of expertise and are available to talk about the many fascinating topics that are on trend at the moment. Topics such as the following: –

Brands – How brands have joined the mental health narrative to actively support consumers. Will consumers be more loyal to some brands than others? Given the upheaval of the pandemic and Black Lives Matter movement, purpose and corporate social responsibility may be an ongoing requirement for most brands moving forward.

The Future of work – How we have adapted to home working and will we continue to do so in the future? Where is this trend headed and what can we do about it?

E-commerce – Will online shopping play a bigger role in the future? What will the future of e-commerce be like once the pandemic is over and people will be able to return to shopping in person? Will shops and retail have changed as a result?

The Green Economy – Will we continue to help the green economy and will consumer attitudes influence purchasing?

The Future of cities – Will there be empty restaurants and closed-down offices are will people be pining to return?

Digital behaviours – How our behaviour online is driving more sales, how the way we interact with social media for example.

Generational shifts – Younger generations expect greater corporate responsibility and place greater importance on environmental and social concerns than their predecessors do.

Data privacy – The increased emphasis on the importance of data privacy. Will there be more privacy legislation? More security threats? How can we protect ourselves?

Publishers and brands – Will there be more customised experiences, more curated content? More efficient timing of appropriate content to consumer? How will this keep continuing to change? What about regular mainstream media?

The future of events – The pandemic has also been an accelerant for augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) experiences, will this continue to grow?

So many questions to be answered.

If you are running an event be it online or in person, we have the Keynote Speakers who can answer all the questions that you may have. For a list of them please check out our portfolio of Speakers on this website. If your requested Speaker is not listed, let us know and we will source that Keynote Speaker on your behalf.

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