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Are you in search of the perfect keynote speaker for your next event? Look no further than Oration Speakers, a Boutique Speaker Bureau with over 16 years’ experience. Below are some of the advantages of collaborating with us!

1. Access to Top Talent: Oration Speaker Bureau has a vast network of Keynote speakers who includes thought leaders, industry experts and celebrities. We have a huge roster of Speakers as well as a network of Keynote Speakers in Europe as well as connections in the United States and Asia. This is how we can help you find the perfect speaker to educate, inspire and engage your audience.

2. Working with Oration Speakers will save you time and effort: Finding the prefect Keynote speaker can be a time-consuming and stressful process. Dealing with many Bureaus, can be annoying, especially when you need a prompt response. A boutique speaker bureau such as Oration Speakers, works with you specifically, we don’t ignore you, we answer your requests in a timely manner and we handle all the painful logistics, including negotiating fees and coordinating travel, freeing you up to focus on other aspects of your event.

3. Our Speakers Customise their Speeches to fit Your Needs: A great speaker can make a huge impact on your event, but it’s important to find someone whose message aligns with your event’s goals and values.  Oration Speakers makes sure we help you find the Keynote Speaker who can customize their message to fit your specific needs, this involves making sure pre- conference calls are scheduled in advance so everyone is on the same page regarding the event.

4. Cost Savings: While the cost of hiring a professional Keynote Speaker may seem daunting, working with us at Oration Speaker Bureau can actually save you money! We have pre-existing relationships with Speakers and other agencies and partners so we can negotiate lower fees on your behalf.

5. Professional Support: Oration Speakers offers professional support throughout the entire process, from selecting the right speaker to handling logistics and follow-up. We are  always being there when you are having a panic about your event, especially during the crucial leadup. We are always a call away! You can rest assured that your event will be in good hands.

6. Risk Mitigation: We know that hiring a Keynote speaker can be risky and worrying, especially if you’re not familiar with their work. At Oration Speakers Bureau we can help mitigate that risk by providing you with background information and references for potential speakers.

Overall, working with Oration Speakers is a very smart choice if you are a busy CEOs or a conference organiser who wants to ensure that their event is a success. The advantages of collaborating withus include access to top talent, cost savings, customised messaging, professional support, and risk mitigation.

I’m Rachel, Director of Oration Speakers, contact me today to learn more about our roster of exceptional speakers and how we can help make your next event a success!

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