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1- In-person events are finally back – Stats show that the speaking and events world is reaching pre-COVID levels of busyness so far this year, while at the same time, virtual events are not going away anytime soon.

Many professions now have a regular cycle of frequent workshop-style events and organisers have figured out that these types of events are more easily delivered and accessible in a virtual setting. Some organisations are also resorting to using virtual stages and holograms as a hybrid solutation.

2 – “Brevity is the soul of wit”. Audiences don’t have the attention spans they used to so shorter sessions are becoming the norm. 20 minute and 40-minute keynotes are now becoming more popular.

3 – Impact and Budget – Conference organisers are feeling the pressure to provide more value in a shorter amount of time. When budgets are tight they need to maximise the value of every event and ensure attendees get the most out of their time and money. Optional add-ons are workshops, Q&A panels, and social media content.

4 – Automation – Events are turning to automation and more innovative technology solutions to avoid paying a high price for personnel. The onus is on the event planner to provide extremely high value and creative strategies to engage event attendees in return for the high cost of tickets.

5 – State of the Art visuals –  Events & Professional Keynote Speakers are using more captivating images, art and illustrations, which helps bring the audience’s imagination to life and getting the message across more effectively than words alone.

6 – Struggling industries – Unfortunately some industries like IT are suffering, so as a result, events in those spaces are suffering too, yet, people are flocking to the travel, hospitality and service industries to make up for time lost during COVID.

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