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“Humans may not be able to survive Artificial Intelligence” – but with the savvy insights of Yuval Noah Harari, we can at least prepare!

In a recent interview with Yuval Noah Harari, The Israeli historian and author of Sapiens,  Harari expressed profound concerns about the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) which is why he added his name to a letter last month, signed by thousands of experts including Elon Musk, calling for a moratorium on research into software like Chat GPT.

He argues of the importance of regulating AI to ensure it makes good decisions about our lives as its potential for good and harm is now really immediate and real. More importantly, as we can see, it has the power to create stories and manipulate the public discourse in ways never before seen.

According to Harari, up to now, the human race has been able to dominate the planet due to our shared reliance on narratives, but now with the autonomy of AI it represents a significant challenge; Because it is the first technology that possesses the ability to independently make choices, including decisions regarding its own usage and decisions concerning individual people.

As a result Harari argues that AI could have disastrous consequences if it is used with ill intent on the battlefield by authoritarian governments. In addition to that it has the potential to cause millions of people to lose their jobs and lack the basic skills for future employment, leading to terrible psychological and political ramifications.

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