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It is always so exciting to work with such amazing Thought Leaders like, Futurist, David Mattin.

David is the Founder of New World, Same Humans, more than a newsletter on trends, technology, and society it is a community for those on a mission to build a better shared future.

So it is from Speakers like David that I learn so much from, a continuous education, learning about the metaverse and the future for us in and alongside the virtual world. David believes in order for us to  understand what the metaverse really means in people’s lives, we have to think about our own fundamental human needs such as social connection, status, and meaning.

For an example of what I mean check out David’s metaverse-specific video here. It was a virtual talk at Dutch Digital Day where he was beamed into a virtual environment on a screen.

It gives a great sense of his metaverse talk and its core message: see these new virtual worlds as domains in which people will quest after age-old human needs such as status, value, social connection, and identity.