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Andrew Keen is one of the world’s best-known contemporary and yet controversial analysts of business and culture on the digital revolution. He is currently Producer of Silicon Valley innovation  FutureCast, a salon-style event hosted by AT&T and Ericsson, which brings together some of Silicon Valley’s finest minds to discuss the digital revolution. He is also the host of the popular Internet chat show “Keen On” and Senior Fellow at CALinnovates, a columnist for CNN.

He has written several books, The Internet is Not the Answer (2015). Digital Vertigo: How Today’s Online Social Revolution Is Dividing, Diminishing and Disorienting Us (2012) Cult of the Amateur: How The Internet Is Killing Our Culture (2008). How to Fix the Future (2019)

In his sharp and witty book, The Internet is Not the Answer, Keen argues that on balance, the internet has had a disastrous impact on all our lives. The London Sunday Times acclaimed as a “powerful, frightening read” and the Washington Post called “an enormously useful primer for those of us concerned that online life isn’t as shiny as our digital avatars would like us to believe“.

In Digital Vertigo: How Today’s Online Social Revolution Is Dividing, Diminishing and Disorienting Us he critically evaluates social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Linked-In

Cult of the Amateur: How the Internet Is Killing Our Culture, this book was published in 17 different languages and was short-listed for the Higham’s Business Technology Book of the Year award. The New York Times critic Michiko Kakutani described the book as being written “with acuity and passion”.

His latest book is entitled How to Fix the Future and is based on research, analysis, and Keen’s own reporting in America and around the world, which showcases global solutions for our digital predicament.

Keen is Co-Founder of Amsterdam University’s Future of University Education conference, an event that maps out the 21st century university. He has made a series of commentaries for CNN looking at how internet trends are influencing social culture.

He has been featured in hundreds of magazines and newspapers and regularly writes for The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Wired, The San Francisco Journal, the Wall Street Journal, the Daily Telegraph, the Guardian, the Independent, Fast Company, Fortune and many other publications.

Keen is a regular lecturer at major international conferences, speaking on the impact of new technology on 21st century business, education and society. He was a featured speaker in 2011 at the E-G8, former French President Sarkozy’s pre G8 gathering of digital leaders in Paris, where he spoke about the impact of data on individual privacy.

In 2015, he was as named one of the “100 Most Connected Men” by GQ magazine.


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