Jenn Lim is the CEO and Chief Happiness Officer of Delivering Happiness, a company she founded with Tony Hsieh (CEO of


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The Science of Happiness with Jenn Lim: Nudging the world to a happier place! Apply the science of happiness, wellness and human sense to your everyday life. [40 Minute Keynote]

Experience the inspiration of the Delivering Happiness story through the lens of Jenn’s journey as Co-Founder & CEO of Delivering Happiness. She’ll take the audience through the success of Zappos to the global movement known as Delivering Happiness, illustrating the role of happiness, wellness and mindfulness in our personal lives and in business today. She’ll dive into insights from positive psychology and the subfield, the science of happiness and share colourful stories to inspire sustainable happiness in our lives, at work, in our communities and in the world.


Enjoy personal life lessons and discoveries of our own speaker’s journeys with Delivering Happiness, and their Passion + Purpose to inspire and develop companies, communities, and cities that, together, create a happier world for all.

The discovery and pioneering of the concept of Happiness as a Business Model and how it can be applied to any environment.

  • Break down key learnings from positive psychology, the science of happiness, wellness & mindfulness
  • The main pillars of happiness at work from the evolutionary role of values to higher purpose
  • The secret sauce of The DH Blueprint: how to create a culture for lasting happiness & wellness
  • The Business Case for happiness: happier & healthier employees = happier & healthier customers = successful company.
  • The Scientific Case for happiness: why success doesn’t create happiness, happiness creates success.
  • The framework for intrinsic motivation and sustainable culture: ME, WE, Community.
  • Why happiness matters & how creating more happiness comes back to benefit companies (ME⇾WE⇾COMMUNITY)
  • Colourful, industry specific examples that inspire and bring the concepts to life
  • Tips and tools to start building sustainable happiness & wellness in our lives and at work right away
  • An interactive call to action to build our own happiness

Happiness as a Business Model
Making dollars and sense of why an investment in happiness will increase your productivity, profitability
and sustainability as a company.

Culture as a Competitive Advantage
Over a decade of research shows that a culture of happiness is becoming one of the biggest competitive
advantages in today’s economy. Happy employees who work with passion and purpose perform at consistently
high levels, multiplying their effectiveness and raising business outcomes.

Living with Passion and Purpose
Jenn’s personal life lessons and discoveries through her own journey with Delivering Happiness, Zappos and
her passion and purpose to inspire happier companies and communities, that together, create a happier world
for all.

The Story of CEO Tony Hsieh and Zappos
Building an enduring brand through WOW customer service and a values-based company culture – from
selling shoes to delivering happiness!

Starting, Scaling and Sustaining Culture
Key learnings and insights from working with over 250 companies in various stages of culture evolution, all
towards creating a distinct culture of values that can be scaled and sustained for long-term growt

Previous clients
Chase Banks, Century 21 Department Stores, Geisinger Health Systems, NorthWell Hospital Systems, PNC Bank, Prime Ministers Office Dubai, Starbucks, The Gates Foundation, Viacom


Jenn Lim is the CEO and CHO (Chief Happiness Officer) of Delivering Happiness (DH), a company she and Tony Hsieh (CEO of co-founded to inspire science-based happiness, passion and purpose at work, home and in everyday life.

Jenn was a consultant with Zappos from 2003-2011, during the years it grew from a startup into a billion-dollar business. She created the first (of several) Zappos Culture Books, an embodiment of how companies can use company culture as a way to increase productivity and profitability.

In 2010, Jenn led the launch and management of Tony’s first book (Delivering Happiness) which sold over 800,000 copies internationally and hit #1 on numerous bestsellers list (including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today). It was voted one of the best business books by NPR, Inc. Magazine and the Wall Street Journal, remained on the New York Times list for 27 weeks and has been published in 20 languages around the world.

Jenn’s experience with Zappos, combined with her development of scientific frameworks for workplace happiness, created the evidence that happier employees = happier customers = successful companies (and meaningful lives).

Jenn has travelled around the world to speak on this equation and most importantly, share the practical ways of HOW this equation works.

Upon the discovery that every organization can have similar results, DH evolved into the culture coachsulting company it is today…to help businesses, hospitals and governments actualize their own sustainable culture for positive ROI.

Today, Jenn is dedicated to growing DH to inspire people, companies and communities to change their world, so together, we can change the world.

Additionally, Jenn sits on the Global Happiness Council of Work and Wellbeing and the advisory board for Springboard an initiative led by Geisinger Health Systems.


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