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According to the Central Statistics Office in Ireland, of the 47% of the population that have had their employment impacted by COVID-19, just over a third (34%) have started remote working from home and 23% of those employed have seen a change to their work hours.

Even though hundreds of thousands of workers are not office based and others continued to work through the pandemic, when Dublin city (and other cities) opens up again things will have changed. Businesses will have to adapt to these changing trends.

The pandemic will force us to rethink the future of our cities, how we use our urban space, how we commute and how use our cultural, retail and residential properties. There will also be changes to our infrastructure, connectivity, sustainability, and community amenities. We need to think in a coherent way, how all these factors will affect the future of our cities, not only will businesses be affected but the whole infrastructure of cities.

If these issues concern you, Oration Speakers work with a host of Keynote Speakers that can educate, inform and provide you with the latest updates on the Future of Cities.

Speakers like Usman Haque, who was was recently appointed as one of the UK’s Design Council’s 34 design ‘Ambassadors’ and who is currently working as Creative Director on a new urban rewilding project in London, re-connecting cities, people and nature (which is supported by the Eden Project). For more information on Usman please view his Bio here.

Another expert Keynote Speaker in this area is Kent Larson. Kent is the Director of the City Science research group at the MIT Media Lab. His research focuses on developing urban interventions that enable more entrepreneurial, livable, high-performance urban districts.

Glen Hiemstra  is a Futurist, Author, and Keynote Speaker and an internationally acclaimed expert on long range future trends and preferred future planning and also Florian Lennert, Head of Urban Development and Mobility at NEOM an organisation working on a unique vision for the future.

If you have any questions about the above Speakers or any other Speakers on the Future of Cities, or the Future of Work please do not hesitate to get in contact