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Below are eleven key emerging topics/trends that Keynote Speakers are currently speaking on in 2021.  Oration Speakers works with Keynote Speakers who incite change, who will engage and motivate your audience and will supercharge your event in 2021 and beyond.

SUSTAINABILITY AND CLIMATE CHANGE – Climate change is such a hot topic at the moment. It is becoming more important than ever to keep up with and invest in the latest sustainability efforts, particularly in the world of business. Expert Speakers include, the Economist Kate Raworth, who speaks about the visual framework for sustainable development, Martin Wolf of the Financial Times on topics such as how it is indeed possible to avert irreversible climate change.

In addition, changes in energy production and reducing consumption as well as substitutions to how we are eating, such as the new popularity of plant-based eating to our burgeoning relationship with plastic and recycling. We are amazed at the work that Boyan Slat is doing as CEO of The Ocean Cleanup.  The upshot is the impact consumer awareness and youth advocates on affecting government regulations and policies, young Speakers like Greta Thunberg continue to enforce a positive change. In addition Clients and customers are increasingly looking for transparency and authenticity from businesses with regards to their sustainable and ethical practices.

THE FUTURE OF WORK – Where and how we live and the location of our workplace has changed dramatically in the last year. Forces for change include the impact of Covid, AI/technology and moving demographics. We also have to adapt to a hybrid way of working from home/office. Accelerated action is needed for people to meet the challenges of this new changing world of work. Excellent Speakers on that topic continue to be Ricardo Semler along with the amazing work his company The Semco Style Institute is doing worldwide. 

THE FUTURE OF CITIES – The pandemic is forcing us to rethink the future of our cities, so we need to find solutions to the challenges of  infrastructure, office space and city living. Globalisation, technological progress and demographic change are having a profound impact on society and labour markets. Speakers like Usman Haque have been working on this area way before the pandemic. Usman speaks about designing & building urban technologies that support citizen empowerment and high-impact engagement in cities.

CYBERSECURITY – As the world continues to become more digital, computer hackers continue to invent new ways to steal data. Bizarrely, even though this is of upmost importance, companies/consumers seem to be ambivalent about the threats of cybercrime. Speakers like Eddie Edwin Doyle continue to speak at organizations about the importance of cybersecurity and he has dedicated his career to helping corporations avoid malicious cyberattacks.

THE NEW IMPORTANT ROLE OF AUTHENTIC LEADERSHIP – There is an increasing need for real leadership in organisations during the COVID-19 crisis and recovery. Organisations are looking for Keynote Speakers to motivate and inspire leadership. Speakers like Simon Sinek, who through his amazing keynotes helps leaders embrace an infinite mindset, build resilience, and build stronger, more innovative and more inspiring organizations.

​​MACHINE LEARNING – This type of data analysis is steadily influencing the lives of those who own IoT devices, like smartwatches, phones, cars, and more and continues to be a popular theme at conferences. Ben Hammersley is an expert Speaker on machine learning and augmented human intelligence. In his keynotes he talks about creating cognitive technologies that enhance humans in our knowledge discovery.

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI) AND ROBOTICS – There is an increase in the accuracy and availability of real-world simulations, which is continuing to be more powerful and accurate. More devices will continue to run AI-powered technology and AI will continue to monitor and refine business processes. In addition there is an increased focus of virtual reality and augmented reality at conferences and events, where these new innovative methods of communicating with the an audience is on the increase. Speakers like Max Tegmark  aim to ensure that we develop not only our technology but also the wisdom required to use it beneficially.

There is also a surge in AI in the retail sector, enabling retail systems to work together to optimise customer experiences, forecasting, inventory management, and more. AI technologies in businesses like are bringing near-real-time intelligence to online stores.

As robots and computers are talking to each other more efficiently this has speeded up business decisions. IoT has affected how companies are managed by stripping  layers of management thus making significant changes to the work environment (the next trend). Steve Wozniak (Woz) is an excellent Speaker in this area

One of the examples of digital transformation is cloud computing, this is the in-demand availability of computer system resources, especially data storage and computing power, without requiring direct active management by the user. Technology, such as 3D printing and Nano technology will also continue to play a big part. Also how this digital transformation is used in developing countries. Keynote Speakers like Professor  Payal Arora who talks about ‘The Next Billion Users” and how the many assumptions we have about internet use in developing countries is wrong.


Big Data can be analyzed for insights that lead to better decisions and strategic business moves. Large amounts of data – both structured and unstructured – inundate businesses on a day-to-day basis, but it’s not the amount of data that’s important, it’s what organizations do with the data that matters. Consumers are getting more concerned about how their personal data as this same data is yielding more concise information, (through AI and Deep Learning). These metrics are already improving the value that brands can expect from influencer marketing and brand integration. Inma Martinez is an expert Keynote Speaker on this topic.

This technology and innovation continues to compete with traditional financial services in the delivery of financial services. As a result of the app economy, the question now is who processes and makes money from online payments. The battle between banks, credit card companies, Telcos and software companies continues to be a major trend. Expert Speakers who speak about this topic include Dan Cobley an expert entrepreneur and investor in innovative tech startup businesses, focusing on financial services.

Above are just some of the common trending topics, automation is going to continue to have a massive impact on everything in the next one or two years, human creativity and insight is still of upmost important. Real success depends on creativity rather than just platform knowledge, which can become commoditised over time.

Booking a Keynote Speaker or Leading Thought Leader in any of the above topics can influence how your business continues to grow and develop. New challenges and huge new opportunities are ahead!

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