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When I set up Oration Speakers over six years ago my first exclusive Keynote Speaker was Mr Ricardo Semler. He came on board with me because he trusted my experience and my knowledge of working in the Speaker Industry.

Everything he talks about with regards to work, resonated with me then and even more so now, because I too believe the importance of finding true happiness at work.

Once employees or entrepreneurs can be truly happy in their working day, they can be more productive and more profitable and as a result it also transcends into daily life, creating a more meaningful life, where work is not simply a chore, it is something you do because you simply love it.

Ricardo spoke about the Future of Work long before the impact of COVID-19. He is way ahead of his time, in his TED talk from 2015, he talks about ‘How to run a company with almost no rules’ it has over 3.6 million views and it is now more relevant than ever!

To highlight his thoughts even more, check out this interview done by the Dutch TV-show Backlight, in this episode Ricardo talks about ‘The capital power of happiness‘  where you can see a portrait of  success behind Ricardo as a person as well as a business man.

The full interview is about an hour and a half, mostly unedited, but divided in chapters. If you are in management and struggling with the repercussions of COVID, wondering how to manage employees, it is worth allowing yourself this hour and half to watch this, as Ricardo’s thoughts are as relevant now as it was back when it was recorded and may help you with management decisions.

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