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Christian Majgaard is  renowned as one of the “21 Leaders for the 21st Century” by Dutch/British professors Trompenaars & Hampden-Turner.

Christian brings unparalleled expertise in sales, branding, marketing, and business innovation to audiences worldwide. Formerly a global top executive at LEGO®, where he spearheaded groundbreaking branding initiatives and marketing triumphs such as LEGOLAND® parks, LEGO Mindstorms® robots, and iconic licensing deals like Harry Potter®, Christian’s influence transcends industries.

Drawing from his extensive experience as a senior management consultant with PA Consulting® and his transformative tenure at LEGO®, Christian now dedicates his efforts to empowering international companies in navigating complex sales landscapes of the 21st century. His insights have left an indelible mark on corporations such as Nestlé, Motorola, Bang & Olufsen, Swiss Re, TNT, Disneyland, Deloitte, Heineken, and esteemed institutions like IMD, ESOMAR, and EMPRESA.

Christian’s dynamic approach to strategy, marketing, innovation, and branding is underscored by his provocative and entertaining perspectives. His book, “13 Hints for Tomorrow’s Brand Builders,” serves as a beacon for professionals seeking to navigate the evolving sales terrain of the digital age. Through national television appearances and radio broadcasts, Christian has emerged as a trusted authority on strategic issues, guiding audiences with his incisive wit and profound insights.

Highlights from Christian’s thought-provoking views include:

On Business Innovation: “The biggest enemy a corporation will ever encounter during change is itself!” “If you want a new vision, I’ll write you one now, but how will you make people change?”

On Branding: “Upon return from their holiday, have you ever heard your friends say: ‘We stayed at a wonderful hotel, they had such nice letterheads and brochures!'”

On Marketing: “There is no such thing as a mature market, only tired marketers!” “Most marketing managers have left the boardroom to become managers of one-way communication. The only marketing concept that appears to survive these years is their title!”

On Strategy: “Any strategy process should begin by seeing the world as it is, yet most strategy meetings are about writing wish lists to Santa Claus.”

Christian Majgaard’s ability to distill complex concepts into clear messages, underscored by compelling examples and a touch of humor, makes him an invaluable resource for sales audiences seeking to thrive in the fast-paced and ever-changing landscape of 2024 and beyond.


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