Paul is the founder of the annual TBD (Technology. Behaviour. Data). Author of ‘Disruptive Technologies’.


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Paul Armstrong is the Founder of HERE/FORTH a future technology advisory. He helps business leaders decide how to best use rapidly changing emerging technologies to create resilience for today and tomorrow. Paul and his team at HERE/FORTH works with agencies and brands including Coca-Cola, Omnicom, PwC, P&G, MEC, O2, Coutts, Camelot, Brooklyn Brothers, Sony Music amongst others.



  • Disruption – how emerging technologies and behavioural trends will impact business.
  • Technology – what’s now, next and future
  • TBD Framework – Technology, behaviour and data
  • Disruptive leadership / businesses of the future
  • Consumer behaviour / technology use change
  • The Future of the Media industry
  • Social Media Strategy and Innovation
  • Retail innovation
  • Future-proofing your business

Behind the Book: Disruptive Technologies | Paul Armstrong


Paul Armstrong is a leading strategist, author and speaker on the future of technology, disruption, retail innovation, media industry, social technologies, consumer technology, mobile innovation, IoT, and on the start-up ecosystem.

Paul runs the technology advisory HERE/FORTH where he helps clients including PwC, Coca-Cola, O2, P&G, jkrGlobal and MEC understand trends and how to sensibly apply emerging technologies strategically.

Through his keynotes Paul can also help your organisations engage confidently with emerging technologies. He offers business solutions and action plans on how to handle these technologies (ie Blockchain (Bitcoin), artificial intelligence, graphene and nanotechnology (among others) and other external factors (such as the sharing economy, mobile penetration, millennial workforce, ageing populations) and how they could impact your business, client service and product model.

Paul founded the annual TBD event – TBD stands for Technology. Behaviour. Data. It is a one-day conference  designed to inform, inspire, and challenge the way decisions are made in order to make the best choices possible during a period of unprecedented change and uncertainty​.

In 2019, TBD went carbon neutral and the event ended up being carbon positive and as a result planted more than 1,000 trees. In 2021, TBD went carbon positive  and there are now over 1,500 trees that weren’t in Madagascar before TBD came along! For every ticket bought one tree was planted. So far, Paul and his team have reduced +18.17 tonnes of carbon!

Paul has been writing about technology and big business for +20 years. He is a regular contributor to Forbes, Reuters, Guardian (amongst others).Paul is regularly seen on the BBC and News at Ten, when industry comment is called for, and currently writes for a number of publications, including Forbes, Reuters, Cool Hunting, Evening Standard and Short List. Paul’s first book, ‘Disruptive Technologies’, offers organizations a distinct response to emerging technologies including Blockchain (Bitcoin), artificial intelligence, graphene and nanotechnology and other external factors – such as the sharing economy, mobile penetration, millennial workforce, ageing populations – that impact on their business, client service and product model.

His book ‘Disruptive Technologies’ became a best seller on Amazon with pre-orders alone. Paul is also co-host of the TechTalk show podcast and a founding member of the Good Technology Collective.


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